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Why not??

Well heck, why not do a blog?! Everyone we talk to tells us that a blog is a really cool way to connect with people and share your story. So here we go. This isn't going to be your typical blog. Trust me, we are going to cover some cool stuff. We are going to dabble into a little bit of everything ranging from medical interventions and recommendations, cosmetic procedures including skin care, eyelash extensions, etc., alternative therapies including IV vitamins, intramuscular vitamin injections, etc., hormone replacement therapy and optimization and finally personal life lessons, some learned via the school of hard knocks! Anyone that knows us, us being Dustin and Megan Reno, knows this will be interesting, comical, and emotional. Come join us on our journey and learn what makes Pocatello Wellness Clinic and The Lash and Brow Lounge so unique!

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