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primary care


Our services include treatment for:

- Acid reflux & acid indigestion

- Allergies, asthma & bronchitis

- Breathing treatments w/nebulizer

- Cardiovascular conditions

- Diabetes

- Emphysema

- Fever, flu, cold & cough

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol

- Injection services

- Medication renewal

- Pharyngitis

- Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

- Sexually transmitted infection

- Upper respiratory infection

- Urinary tract infection ​

- Minor Injuries treated include:

     Burns (minor)

     Corneal (eye) abrasions

     Foreign body removal from skin, eye and ear

     Minor lacerations closure with sutures & skin adhesive

     Sprains and strains

     Staple & suture removal


We are also able to bill your medical insurance for primary care services offered at the clinic!


Call 208-637-9610 to schedule an appointment

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